Creative Ej Instruction Policies - Overview

Payment for a month's lessons is an acceptance of the scheduled lessons for the month.
Students retain their current lesson time by paying for the month's lessons before the 1st of each month. 
Refunds are only available if Creative Ej is unable to provide a scheduled lesson. 
With advanced notification, students may be eligible for one makeup lesson per month, up to six makeup lessons per year.
Pricing is based on the number of lessons in the month. For months that contain five weeks, there is an additional charge for that extra lesson. Holiday closings reduce the number of lessons in a month.

Creative Ej Instruction Policies - Detail

In order for Creative Ej to offer instruction without long-term commitments or contracts, and to maintain our staff of instructors, we have instituted the following policies:


1. Private Instruction is offered for purchase only on a monthly basis, for a particular day of the week and time of day. The fee is $100 per month for one half-hour lesson per week ($125 per month when there are five lessons in the month, $75 when there are 3 lessons in a month due to a holiday). The fee for "every other week" lessons is $60 per month ($80 per month when there are three lessons in the month). The fee for single private lessons is $30 per half-hour lesson paid online, in advance (subject to availability). Student bands are $100 per student, or $75 per student if also taking $100 per month Private Instruction. All other scheduling and payment arrangements must be approved by Creative Ej management. After school instruction (4PM-6PM Monday through Thursday) fee is $10 additional per month for Senior Level Instructors. Instruction invoices may include a $5 Electronic Payment Fee, which will be deducted if payment is made on time with check or cash.

2. Payment of monthly lessons by any means (credit card, cash, Paypal, Gift Certificate, etc.) is refundable only if Creative Ej cannot provide the instruction for the scheduled lessons. Student absences or withdrawal do not qualify for refunds. Payment for a month's lessons is an acceptance of the scheduled lessons for the month.

3. All instruction fees (as well as withdrawals and scheduled absence requests - see #9 below) are due last day of the preceding month. Any student that has not paid their fees on time (before the 1st of the month), is immediately dropped from the schedule, and if fees are paid late, not eligible for makeup lessons or fee adjustments during that month. If a student pays their monthly fees late the student is required to pay a $25 Scheduling Fee lesson for each of their lesson types (see #4 below).

4. The purchase of a $25 Scheduling Fee would prevent the student from being dropped from the schedule at the beginning of the month if payment has not been made on time. The Scheduling Fee rolls forward to the next month once the monthly fee has been paid. The Scheduling Fee is applied to the students final lesson (if advanced notice is given). There are no refunds for Scheduling Fees. All new students (or new lessons scheduled by existing students) are required to purchase the Scheduling Fee upon signing up for lessons. Existing December 2013 Students must have purchased their Scheduling Fee by 7/1/2014.

5. Monthly fees are pro-rated only when beginning lessons in the middle of the month, or when a scheduled absence is pre-approved by Creative Ej management before the beginning of the month. Monthly fees will not be pro-rated due to student cancellations or absences. Student Bands and other group instruction are not available for fee adjustments.


6. Out of courtesy to our instructors, students are expected to notify Creative Ej whenever there is a cancellation or absence, as soon in advance as possible. In all cases, please notify Creative Ej management directly at (not the instructors). Notifications are time-stamped by Creative Ej based on the time of the actual notification - made via phone, voicemail, email, or in-person.

7. Student cancellations made at least one day in advance of the scheduled lesson are eligible for a "makeup lesson" at no additional charge, based on instructor availability (a different instructor may be substituted). There is no refund or reduction in the monthly fee if the "makeup lesson" is not accepted. There is a limit of one makeup lesson per month, up to six makeup lessons per calendar year. Makeup lessons expire if a makeup is not taken by the end of the following month (for example, a January absence must be made up by the end of February).

8. If lessons are canceled due to circumstances beyond Creative Ej’s control (weather, power outage, ice on roads or parking lot, etc.), the lessons are eligible for a makeup lesson, not a refund or credit. The eligibility for the makeup lesson does not expire unless the student discontinues lessons.

9. Student cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance of the scheduled lesson, or without notice, are eligible for a charged “makeup lesson" at 50% off their normal rate per lesson. There is no refund or reduction in the monthly fee for late student cancellations.

10. All withdrawals and scheduled absence requests will be due by the date of your final lesson in the preceding month. We are not open and do not charge for major holidays (New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas).

11. Any student that has not paid their fees on time as stated in Policy #3, will be removed from the schedule without notice.

12. Any student that is regularly absent (with or without notice), may be removed from the schedule.


13. Scheduling priority is given based on consistency of attendance, family or carpool requirements, and length of status as an active student. Scheduling for full-time students has priority over "every other week" students.

14. In the event of an instructor absence, Creative Ej will provide an appropriate substitute instructor whenever possible. There will be no advanced student notification of the use of a substitute instructor. There are no refunds given based solely on the use of a substitute instructor.

Discontinuing Lessons

15. As there are no contracts or long-term commitments for private instruction, we do require not student notification when discontinuing lessons, however notification is appreciated as we can make your spot available to new students.

Online Payments

16. Send your email address to get started. We will then send you an invoice monthly which you can pay securely online through Paypal.


17. Pay 12 months in advance for a 10% discount, 6 months for 5% off. There are no refunds of advanced payments unless Creative Ej cannot provide the instruction for the scheduled lessons.

Policies are subject to change without notice.

Updated 1/1/2015