Church Programs
Creative Ej has many programs that can enhance your existing Praise Band or Music Program.

Sunday Services

Creative Ej has been the location for several startup churches, including Ardent Faith and Walter Howard Ministries. Please fill out an online application if you would like a price quote for regular services.

Conferences and Special Events

Creative Ej has been the location for several conferences and special events, including the Be:Free Women's Conference featuring Rita Springer, and Gospel CD release concerts for Dena Palmer-Brice and Russell Harrington. Please fill out an online application if you would like a price quote for a special event.

Youth Praise Band

Many church music directors do not have the time needed to form a youth praise band. We can not only provide an ideal setting with our Performance Theater and "family-friendly" facility, but also provide guidance from professional musicians during each rehearsal.

This type of program provides a positive outlet for your youth without stretching your staff too thin, and provides your existing Praise Band with a "farm team" of new musicians that can step right in when needed.

If you only have a limited number of participants from your church, we can combine youth groups from various churches into one Praise Band.

Praise Band Coaching

Enhance your current praise band with professional guidance from experienced professional musicians. We can focus on your particular needs, whether you need a quick tune-up or regular coaching.

Evaluation and Instruction

Through an impartial evaluation process, we can determine if you have capable new participants in your music programs. This evaluation can also provide an instruction path to better prepare individuals for participation now or in the future.


Produce a CD or DVD for fundraising purposes


We can provide classes in various subjects that would help educate your Praise Band and support staff (sound, lighting, multimedia, video, etc.). These classes can be set up to address your specific needs, whether you need a crash course in a subject, or a long-term education strategy. Some potential classes include:

Vocal Techniques and Exercises
Sound Mixing
Lighting Techniques
Multimedia Production
Video Techniques
Reading and Writing Charts
Rhythm Section

Worship Team Support

Few churches have access to all the talent available to the large "Super Churches". Creative Ej can provide a "behind the scenes" support crew to bring these modern techniques to your church. We work to enhance your existing staff's efforts and message through music, video, and multimedia in a totally supportive manner.