Creative Ej
Referral Program

In appreciation of our current students and multiple-lesson families, Creative Ej offers a referral program. For each new student you refer, you will receive a $5 credit off your monthly invoice, every month, for as long as the referral student continues at Creative Ej. If you refer one student - $5 off, 10 students - $50 off, 20 students - $100 off, every month!

1. This promotion only applies to full-time private instruction students and full-time band-only students.

2. Current student will receive $5 off their monthly invoice for each private instruction, band, or choir referral student that enrolls between January 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012.

3. Total of referral credits will only be applied up to the total monthly instruction charges.

4. Current and referral student must be full-time (weekly) students or one hour every other week students.

5. Promotion does not apply with any other discounts.

6. The new student determines the student that has referred them.

7. Referrals may not be split (1 new student = 1 referral for a current student).

8. A new student is eligible as a referral only if they have not taken any type of lesson at Creative Ej for the past 12 months.

9. The referral credit will be applied to the following month (for example, if the new student starts in January, the referral credit will apply to February).

10. The current student and referral student(s) must pay their monthly invoice on time to enable each month’s referral credit. If either party pays their monthly invoice on or after the first of the month, there will be no referral credit for that month.

11. All of the current student’s referrals expire if the current student’s participation is less than full-time for a particular month.

12. A referral student’s referral expires if the referral student’s participation is less than full-time for a particular month.

13. Referrals may not be transferred.

14. Due to the involvement of payment issues, Creative Ej will not disclose to the current student, the identity or referral credit status of the referral student without the referral student’s approval.

15. Special provisions for multi-lesson families - Any individual or family taking multiple lessons, can get a referral credit for each existing or new full-time lessons (except for the initial lesson) with a corresponding referral of a new student. Alternatively, a new referral may be traded for a family referral for the purpose of avoiding referral credits being cancelled or expiring.

16. In the event that instruction rates change, the credits will be applied against the student’s current rate.

17. The decision of Creative Ej is final regarding the interpretation of these rules.

18. Creative Ej reserves the right to add or modify rules as required.