Acting Classes at Creative Ej
Creative Ej and FOCUS Acting Studio is a place for actors to learn basic acting techniques as we will train and lead them in their development process. Whether you are just starting out, have experience, auditioning for a featured film, television show, commercial, or trying out for the school play our classes are designed and will FOCUS on teaching the actor at all levels. Each class is limited to 10 students allowing us to provide one on one instruction. We offer long-term conservatory courses for those students seeking submersion into acting study. Full-time programs range in FOCUS from Method Acting to Industry Showcases, and One-Night Acting Workshops giving our students not only a comprehensive curriculum of acting classes but also first hand insight to the realities of the Acting Industry. FOCUS Actors Studio believes an integration of foundation technique and Industry education is imperative for cultivating a multifaceted acting career.

We will FOCUS on a multitude of acting genres that tap into the actor’s creative imagination. The actors learn how to FOCUS, concentrate, take direction, use their voice and body as a tool, and express various emotions. Actors will learn how to prepare and perform monologues, commercials, scenes, and improvisational skits. They will also learn the audition process and acting for the camera. As the actor’s advance, more difficult exercises and script work are introduced. The actor will develop self confidence, awareness, esteem, and respect, but above all they have fun!

Character Development
Monologue Study
Body & Movement
Scene Study
Head shots and comp cards
Audition Technique
Audition Taping
Acting for the Camera
Talent Agency Placement NC/LA/NYC
Talent Inc
Inflection, Diction, & Delivery
Class Instruction
Digital Filmmaking
Private Lessons

We will start our acting classes Monday September 16th and Tuesday September 17th! New students may join at any time.

Monday- Acting classes will consist of everything we offer!
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM or 7:05 PM - 8:05 PM

Tuesday- Acting Classes will be geared towards more TV/Film!
5:30 PM - 6:30 PM

More classes will be added based on demand demand.

Each Monday class is held once a week and continues through May just like a regular school year. Each month the topic/genre of acting styles switches so the student can gain a variety of styles and philosophies through out the course of study.

Each Tuesday class is held once a week and continues through May just like a regular school year. The Classes will cover 4 sessions: writing, producing, acting, and editing all focused on TV/Film.

$100 per month for (4) one-hour classes per month

For current and former Creative Ej students, call or email to enroll. New students may enroll at

Please contact for further information:
Cody Willets at (704) 655.2001
or Elise Gastineau at (704) 655.2001