Rock Band Boot Camp

This summer camp is not about having fun, unless you are serious about music and your idea of fun is making your band better! The Creative Ej Rock Band Boot Camp is for serious bands (ages 13 through college) that have already formed, and want to improve quickly.

What we do in the boot camp:

Rehearse on stage with sound and lights
Record and Videotape rehearsals
Study recordings to determine problem areas
Develop practice strategies to fix problem areas
Work with specialized instructors as needed

How you can expect to improve:

Rhythmic "Tightness"
Lead and Harmony Vocals
Song Selection and Set List Construction
Presentation and Stage Presence
Individual Skills
Better results with less effort and stress

What we expect from the band:

Focus during rehearsals
Listen to instructors and work on what they suggest
Practice between rehearsals as a group and individually
Come in with an open mind, with a willingness to work hard
Leave the "attitude" at home

After reviewing the band's audition (live or recorded), and it is determined they are ready for the boot camp program, we set up a schedule that allows for outside practice of the strategies established during the rehearsal sessions. The band's audition should consist of three songs that represent a range of material the band would like to perform.

The boot camp consists of a minimum of (5) two hour sessions. Each session will consist of 60-90 minutes of rehearsal, and 30-60 minutes of review, study, and evaluation (2 hours total). The cost for each session is $125 for the entire band.

At the end of the boot camp, the band will either perform on stage and receive a DVD of their performance, or record a song in the studio.