Creative Ej Bands

For most musicians, the thrill is making great music with other musicians. Creative Ej offers band coaching in various styles. These bands operate under the direct supervision of the Creative Ej staff.

The purpose of a Creative Ej band is to provide an ideal platform to experience music in a group setting. Participants will not only get to play with other musicians, but also learn about proper preparation and rehearsal, production, organization, and showmanship.

We encourage friends or students with similar musical interests to start a band together, as that usually helps the band get off to a fast start.

There are two unique types of bands at Creative Ej, and they are handled differently:

Open Band - Individual students express an interest in playing in a band, Creative Ej then creates a new band based on musical style, age, personality, skill level, etc., or places a student in an existing band based on those criteria. Creative Ej can add members to this band (vocalist, guitarist, keyboards, etc.). Creative Ej is essentially “in charge” of this band. Students are charged at the standard rates.

Closed Band - A band that is pre-configured by the members. Band members control who is in the band. Creative Ej is not “in charge” of this type of band - the members are. Even if our normal criteria of musical style, age, personality, skill level, etc. are not compatible among the members, Creative Ej leaves those issues to the band to resolve, since the band has made those decisions as a group. Students are charged at the standard rates, however there is a $250 minimum total band fee.

Here are the general guidelines for a Closed Band:

1. The Instructor works with the band during the rehearsals to improve their performance, through organization, working together, arrangements, dynamics, execution, song selection, constructive feedback, and stage presentation.

2. The Instructor does not get involved with band conflicts, band politics, personality issues, etc. because it is the band itself that has assumed that responsibility through being a Closed Band.

3. Creative Ej will provide performance opportunities as they arise, as appropriate for the band and the event.

4. Unless it is handled in a uniform manner across the entire band, parent input into the musical operations of the band is typically counter-productive, and usually leads to division within the band itself. Business operations / management of the band is a function of the band and parents.

Anyone is eligible to audition for open bands, including those not participating in Creative Ej programs. Students of any level may join a student band. Band rehearsals are held once a week.

In addition to the rehearsals, the Creative Ej bands perform in concerts in our Performance Theater at the Palace, Promotional Events, and even in outside events and concerts.

Opportunities to be involved with sound, lighting, and video exist for those wishing to learn about the production side of bands.

To get started, please fill out our Band Prospect Form.