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Creative Ej

Music Store

Music Academy

Private Instructor

Primary Business Activity

Music Instruction

Selling Instruments
Private instruction tailored to each student's interests and goals

Monthly Private Instruction Rate

$100 typically

Sign up or Registration Fees


Long-Term Contracts

None (Month to Month Only)

Makeup Lessons

Yes (with advance cancellation notice)

Referral Discount

All Instructors are active performing musicians

All lesson rooms have computers with high-speed internet and large flat-screen displays

Student Showcase Concerts

Community student performance opportunities such as Birkdale, Starbucks, Festivals, Barnes & Noble and more

Student Bands

Bands select their own musical style and songs

Boring Recitals


Student Concerts held in bar or nightclub


In-House Professional Recording Studio available for student projects

Comfortable Waiting Area with Wi-Fi and Satellite TV