Birkdale Village's Journey to the Stars 2008
Congratulations to Courtney, Kylisa, and Trenton - winners of the 2008 Journey to the Stars Competition!
Birkdale Village's Journey to the Stars 2008

Are you between the ages of 5 and 18, love to sing, and want to be part of the biggest singing competition in the Carolinas? Sign up now to participate in Birkdale Village's Journey to the Stars! There are thousands of dollars in prizes that will be awarded. To get started, review and agree to the rules below, and complete the registration form. Open auditions start Saturday, March 29, 2008 at Creative Ej.

Birkdale Village Presents...

Journey to the Stars 2008


1. The singing contest “Journey to the Stars 2008” (“the contest”) will start Saturday, March 29th, 2008 and will end Saturday, May 24th, 2008. All participants are required to perform a variety of songs/genres throughout the contest, until eliminated. Performances and eliminations will take place every Saturday from noon – 6pm at the designated area in Birkdale Village located off Sam Furr Road in Huntersville, NC 28078.

2. Any student under the age of 18 that has not graduated from high school can particiapte in the contest with parental consent. The following entities may not participate in the contest: employees of Birkdale Village Retail Shops or Offices, employees or family members of DDR, employees of Creative Ej Music Academy, Allied Barton, Budd Group, Landscaping or their advertising agencies.

3. No purchase is necessary to participate.

4. To participate in the contest, you must register at Creative Ej Music Academy located at 12340 Mt. Holly-Huntersville Rd., Huntersville, NC 28078 or online at A fee will be applied, based on the age category. Fees are as follows: 5 – 9 years $35.00, 10 – 13 years $50.00 and 14 – 18 years $75.00. The fee is made payable to Creative Ej and is non-refundable. Age is determined by the participants age at the date of registration.

5. During a performance, the contestant must remain on-stage. No singing in the audience or stage dives permitted. Also contestants are not allowed to bring props, back-up musicians or back-up dancers. Songs may not contain vulgar language or expressions. Songs are not to exceed 4 minutes. Contestants may perform the same song as other contestants.

6. The winner of the contest will be selected by an elimination process. Eliminations will be made by a panel of judges based on weekly performances. The grand finale will be Saturday May, 24th from noon – 6pm.

7. The prizes will be divided amongst the different age categories. The 1st category (5 – 9 years) will receive a $1,000 Birkdale Village Gift Card, the 2nd category (10 – 13 years) will receive a $2,000 Birkdale Village Gift Card and the 3rd category (14 – 18 years) will receive a $3,000 Birkdale Village Gift Card. The winners will be notified on the Grand Finale night to be celebrated Saturday, May 24th. They will also receive a certified notification letter and be contacted by phone, if possible to inform them of how, when and where they can claim their prize. The prize will be delivered free of burden. Any tax, contribution or expense that involves aceptance is the exclusive responsibility of the winner.

8. The winners of the contest should claim their prize within 30 days of receiving the certified notification letter. If the winner does not claim their prize within the 30 days period, the prize will become Birkdale Village property. The winner should identify himself/herself with documents adequately reasonable that include a picture, age evidence and the certified letter mentioned in rule #7.

9. If the winner is under 18 one of his/her parents or legal custodian should sign an eligibility affidavit and receipt of prize obtained, along with a waiver release to Birkdale Village, Cohn Marketing its successors, officials and employees against any damage caused or suffered by accidents, claims or reports of loss in any means caused by the winner, their family or third parties provided or in relation to the enjoyment of the prize once claimed. If the winner is under 18 he/she should be accompaned by one of his/her parents or the legal custodian who should provide adequate documentation and identification in addition to the certified letter mentioned above to offically claim the prize.

10. The prize will not be substituted, extended or transferrable. It will not be redeemable, totally or partially for money or other tangible condsiderations and will not be replaced if lost or stolen.

11. Birkdale Village and Cohn Marketing reserve the right to suspend all advertising and assign new dates for the start and end of the promotion and or cancel it, if there are circumstances out of our control due to laws or regulations.

12. The fact that a person participates in this contest and accepts a prize gives Birkdale Village and or Cohn Marketing permission to use their name, personal appearance (pictures) or videos in ads or in any advertising medium without monetary compensation in the future.

13. The rules of this contest are available at our adminstrative offices Monday – Friday from March 29th, 2008 – May 24th, 2008 during operational hours of 8:00AM to 5:00PM.

14. This contest is provided by Birkdale Village, located at 8712 Lindholm Drive, Huntersville, NC 28078 Phone 704-895-8744.

15. This contest will comply with all federal and state laws as applicable.

I agree with the rules listed above.

I do not agree with the rules listed above.