26th Annual North Mecklenburg Christmas Parade
Many thanks to everyone who made the North Mecklenburg Chirstmas Parade a success! This was the first time we have ever seen the crowd applaud and give standing ovations. Way to wow them. =)

A special thanks to our instructors who went above and beyond for a great show in the Christmas Parade: Reggie Graves, Brian Phelps, Ray Tyson, Brian Burton, Eva Ullo, Leeah Cavanaugh, Charles Morrow, and Charity Helms we couldn't have done it without you.

Many thanks to:

• Laurette Theriault and the Theriault family, Dylan and Cathy Bell, Leeah & Ross Cavanaugh and the entire decorating committee
• Golden Gait Trailers and the generosity of Tim, Michelle, and Tara Masud for supplying trailors
• General Lawn Maintenance and Andrew Spain for the equipment and transportation
• Terry McKinney for supplying the transportation
• Portable Power in Denver for the generators
• Vinnie Ullo for driving, setting up and tearing down
• Yvette Hubbard, KyLisa Freeman, and all of the fantastic ribbon twirlers from University Park Baptist
• All of our students, friends, and family for making this event possible

Please send us any pictures or video of the event, so we can post it on the website.