Retrospect Records Releases "The Press - Words: Hot Off The Press" CD

CORNELIUS, NC - Retrospect Records (Las Vegas , NV) has signed Jeff Gastineau to a recording contract to release CDs of material originally recorded in the 1980’s and early 90’s by the bands The Press, and Gastineau. The Press CD - “Words: Hot Off the Press” is available now online at as well as through independent record stores.

Retrospect Records - The Press / Gastineau – The Press was an astounding 80’s band led by Jeff Gastineau, that had previously only released an extremely rare EP. Retrospect will not only be releasing material by this amazing pure 80’s AOR (album-oriented rock) band but will also release material by Jeff’s own band “Gastineau” whose songs were arguably even better than The Press. This is one of our most exciting finds of the year!

Gastineau was a “heavy hitter” in the Ohio music scene in the 1980’s, as a member of Scram and Money, each of which toured the midwest in support of album releases. Jeff also performed on the Columbus, Ohio radio giant WLVQ’s “Hometown Albums” in 1985, 1986, and 1987, in addition to recording and performing with dozens of regional acts.

The Press was formed in 1984 by Gastineau (guitar, keyboards, vocals) and former Scram bandmate, Dole Shaffer (guitar), with Doug Smith (vocals) joining in 1985. The band focused entirely on recording until the release of their only record in 1987. The band then turned their attention to live concerts and promoting the record, opening for acts such as Molly Hatchett.

“I really wanted The Press to be a different type of band” according to Gastineau. “Most rock groups at the time were really a band plus a frontman/vocalist. I wanted to have more than one vocalist and feature each musician, in order to give the sound more variety. We also made the keyboards a powerful part of the band, unlike the synth-pop style that was popular in the 80’s.”

Musically, the band’s influences covered the entire range of classic rock. “We tried to combine the power and energy of groups like Led Zeppelin and The Who, the layered textures of Kansas and Genesis, and present it in songs that were accessible to the audience like chart-toppers Journey and Van Halen.”

Following the band’s breakup in 1988, Gastineau continued writing songs and recording what became the unreleased “Gastineau” CD. “After 10 years of working with bands and all the personalities, I really wanted to focus completely on the songs as I heard them in my mind. I recorded everything myself with the exception of guitar virtuosos Michael Lee Firkins and Michael Harris on a few songs, and a vocal duet with Sally Langer. Unfortunately, the project was complete just as Grunge was becoming the dominant style of music, leaving no outlet for my style of music.”

In 2000, with the advent of music on the internet, Jeff released several songs on the website, charting in the Top 5 with a couple of different songs. “At the time, was a great outlet for unsigned musicians. Once they started to try to compete with Napster by hosting major-label artists, they were quickly tangled up in legal issues and were eventually shut down.”

Ultimately, it was the internet that created new momentum in Gastineau’s music career. “In 2008 I started to see my music popping up on various web sites. I even got requests to purchase albums as far away as Germany.” All this lead to being contacted by Aaron McCaslin of Retrospect Records, who was interested in The Press EP he had heard rumors of. “I told him The Press only had the four song EP, but I had another CD of material if he would be interested. He liked it all, but wanted a full CD of the Press, so I went through hours of old recordings and found four more songs to complete the CD.”

“Unlike twenty-some years ago, I don’t have any expectation of these CD releases being a life-changing experience. I’m just grateful for the opportunity and hope some people enjoy the music.”

Gastineau is a resident of the Mountain Island Lake area and owns Creative Ej, a music school and music facility in the Lake Norman area. For more information, contact Creative Ej ( at (704) 655-2001.

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