Due to the sale of the Palace property to Elevation Church, we were required to move out of Theater 7.

The information below is for informational purposes only, as we do not yet have a firm plan in place for a new performance space.

The Creative Ej Theater is one of the finest music venues in the Charlotte area, and is the ideal place to perform your music. The theater features a ready-to-use concert stage, lighting and sound systems, video screens, and stage gear.

Our theater, which seats over 200, with comfortable stadium seating, is the site of music concerts, events, seminars, corporate outings, and worship activities.

The theater is also available for other non-public events like video shoots, recording sessions, and corporate presentations.

Conveniently located in Kenton Place in Cornelius - near Huntersville, Lake Norman, Davidson, and Birkdale Village, our state of the art concert venue at the Palace, can give your next concert or event the impact it deserves.

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Stage Gear and Backline
Gretsch Catalina Maple 6 piece drum kit with Sabian cymbals
Roland Fantom Xa Workstation Synth
Kurzweil K2500 88-note Workstation Synth
Roland RD-100 88 note weighted piano
Roland Juno G Workstation Synth
Gallien Krueger bass amp with SWR speaker cabinet
Trace Elliot bass amp
Line 6 Duoverb and HD147 guitar amps with footpedals
Randall MTS modular tube amps and cabinets
Rocktron guitar speaker cabinet wedges
40 feet wide by 20 feet deep
8 by 8 drum riser
Handicap ramp
Sound System
Tascam DM-4800 Digital Mixer:

(2) Stereo Digital Effects Processors
Compressor/Gates on every channel
Up to 4 stereo or 8 mono monitor mixes

Mackie 4400 watt stereo main sound system:

(2) SA1532z
(2) SWA1801z

Monitor System featuring multiple stereo mixes:

(8) Electrovoice FM-1C wedges
Mackie keyboard monitors
Dynacord drum monitors

Rane multichannel power amps

(2) Lexicon MX-200 Digital Reverb/Effects
TC Electronics M-300 Digital Reverb/Effects
Lighting System
Cuelux DMX controller software
(16) LED Par 64 fixtures
(8) Q-Spot 260 moving head fixtures
(8) ColorBand LED color bars
(2) MegaMoon
(40) Par 64 500 watt light cans
(24) channels of dimmer packs
Hazer machine
Recording System
Alesis HD24 digital hard disk recorder (24 channels)
Direct to computer recording (32 channnels)
Mix in our main studio at Treynorth facility using Pro Tools HD
Video Projection System
(3) DLP projectors and screens
Live switching of up to 8 cameras/video sources
HDTV capable
Computer graphics
Title generator
DVD playback
Video Recording
Up to 5 camera HiDef recording
Direct to computer recording to eliminate tape costs and transfers prior to editing
Multi-camera video editing using Final Cut Pro
200 seats
Stadium-style seating
Theater Amenities
Food and Beverage service available
Easy access from I-77, Birkdale, Lake Norman, etc.
Ample parking and restroom facilities